My Very First Blog Post Ever!

Hi guys! My name is Emily McCrone and I am an Aviation student at Parkland College. I also work right next door to the institute at Flightstar, which is the FBO on the field and is also where I was inspired to change my major from agriculture to aviation. I have always thought that it would be kinda cool to fly, but i never thought it was very realistic or that I could even afford it. has chosen me for one of their four scholarships this year, which means that I will be writing a blog post every week! I am also very grateful to have such great family, friends, and coworkers that are always very encouraging and willing to help me succeed. I also have two dogs, Chevy and Scruffy, who go almost everywhere with me. Classes started about two weeks ago and so far everything seems to be going well. I finally go to take an Archer up yesterday for the first time at Parkland and some of the things we we worked on were maintaining speed and altitude, maintaining altitude while turning, and following some roads. One thing that I am nervous for is my first solo. I am sure that once I get to that point that I should be fine though. Another thing that I am not comfortable with is talking on the radio but not because I am just afraid to talk, I am just unsure of what to say. I plan on working on that more with my instructor to get me more comfortable with it. I hope to keep everyone updated on my adventures, struggles, achievements, and maybe even a few extras!


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