I’m a Celebrity!

This week has been pretty wild! It all started on Tuesday when the Institute of Aviation found out about my scholarship and asked me for a picture of myself. They posted a really cool article about me on their website and Facebook page. The next thing I know, Parkland college posted it on their Facebook page congratulating me! Little did i know, that was not the end of things… Later that night I was scrolling through illinoishomepage.net (our local news website) and i saw my face! I was completely in shock and excited about the news mentioning my accomplishment! I had no idea that so many people would care so much about me getting a scholarship.

The next day I am at the institute and Sybil Phillips (the chief pilot) came up to me and informed me that the News Gazette wanted to interview me about my scholarship! I had so many emotions running through my head at that point! I was happy, excited, scared, and anxious all at the same time. This morning I emailed Mr. Rossow from the News Gazette back with answers to all of his questions. I am really excited about this article and I will post that article as soon as it comes out! Flightstar was also kind enough to congratulate me on their Facebook page. I am so thankful to globalair.com for giving me this opportunity to share my story! Here are some of the links congratulating me on my scholarship:  PCIA and WCIA .


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