Turns Around a Point

Today we worked on turns around a point, not to be confused with turns ABOUT a point. during a turn around a point, you pick an object and attempt at flying a nice round circle around it. Before beginning this maneuver, it is crucial that you make a clearing turn so that you do not hit any other airplanes or other obstacles. To aid in this nice round circle, you should pick 4 points that are an equal distance from the point that you are turning around and they should be your aiming points. These 4 points will also help you determine if the wind is pushing you off course. Today was fairly windy so the wind pushed me around quite a bit and I was able to see the effects from it. According to the Airplane Flying Handbook by the FAA, turns around a point is a training maneuver that aids in the performance of your S-turns. During your turn around a point, it is important to remain at the same altitude. I promise you will get better the more that you practice this. Holding your altitude can be a tricky thing to master. Some of your turns will be steeper than others, but it is important to make SMOOTH transitions from steep to shallow; you should not be jerking the airplane around. When you enter this, you should enter at downwind heading and roll into it; this should be your steepest turn at your 1st point. Your next turn will start to shallow out to your 2nd point, then your 3rd point will be the most shallow of your turns. After your 3rd turn, you should begin to steepen back up into your 4th point. It is important to keep in mind that you are not making a diamond with your points and to keep your turns round like a circle.If you would like to find your own plane to practice these maneuvers, check out globalair.com !


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