Can I Fly if I am Pregnant?

First of all, NO I AM NOT PREGNANT NOR DO I PLAN TO BE COME PREGNANT IN THE NEAR FUTURE! (I might have given my dad a heart attack if I had not put that as the first sentence.) I am completely content with my two puppies, for now. By the way Chevy turns 5 years old on Friday and he likes bones, treats, and the stuffed alligator squeaky toy from Petsmart!(: Anyways, since every pregnancy is different, there is not a clear yes or no answer to flying while pregnant. On the positive side, according to the FAA, you are not disqualified from obtaining or keeping your medical as long s it is under “normal circumstances”. However, it is crucial that you keep your doctors informed of your flying activities and it is not recommended that you continue to fly during your third trimester although it could still be allowed. Flying is a stressful job and that can have effects on your baby or babies. There can be many other things that can affect your or your baby’s health, but the risk is very low. I was very surprised and disappointed at how little information there is out in the internet an my books bout flying while pregnant. I would assume that this is because there are still not many female pilots so there is not much research about it. Overall, it seems to just depend on how well your pregnancy is going, your health, the baby’s health, and mainly up to the discretion of your doctor and most importantly YOU! It is important that neither you or your airplane have unusual attitudes or that can greatly effect your performance! (hehe I made a joke) You can find links to the FAA and many other useful resources at!


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