Trump Force One

Apparently Donald Trump won the election so that is kind of cool I guess. I have already had the privilege of seeing Air Force 2 in person. I hope that one day I will be able to see Air Force one or even Pilot one of Mr. Trump’s aircraft. According to CNN, Mr. Trump has  downsized his fleet of aircraft from at one time owning his own airline to just 4 aircraft. His largest and probably the most widely known is his Boeing 757 that he had bought in 2011. He had repainted it and did some updating on the inside after receiving it. Flightstar also has capabilities to do interior work and they have a new paint shop, but it might be a tough job on an airplane that big. He also has a Ciation X which can fit 12 people. We tend to see a lot of these at Flightstar. It had been previously owned by Netjets, whom we see quite often at Flightstar and their lovely and complicated catering orders that sometimes make me want to cry.  This plane is white and has a gold family crest next to the door and is not as decorated as the 757. In addition to his 2 planes, he has 2 Sikorsky S-76B helicopters. All of his aircraft is fairly used or older, but Mr. Trump told The New York Times that he likes the older aircraft better because they have been around longer and have been tested. I would not mind flying any of his aircraft regardless of the age; I am sure he has a wonderful maintenance crew similar to the one we have at Flightstar. If you need to find someone to work on your airplane or to fine an airplane to work on yourself, head on over to for more resources!


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