How Do I Improve My Landings?

Landing an airplane is an art. (One of which, I have not quite mastered.) My instructor keeps telling me that I am so so so close to being able to solo, but I need to tweak my landings just a bit to make them more smooth. I have finally landed a few times without my instructor touching anything which is pretty exciting! Most of them have been pretty rough, but on the last landing of my most recent flight, I had one of the nicest landings that I have ever had! The biggest tip I always hear is to look towards the end of the runway and to be honest, I always forget when the time comes. I have a habit of coming in high which is better than coming in low but still not great. I also try to pull back too soon, but that is getting better. One of the biggest lessons that all of this has taught me is patience. I get frustrated when I do not pick something up immediately. One thing that can make my landings better is to have a good approach. When I am too high, sometimes I like to do slips to lose altitude fast. Slips are probably my favorite maneuver. Another thing that my instructor has beat into my head is to ask myself constantly “Am I low or am I high?”. For a while I would ask myself the question, but I did not know the answer. Lately I have been getting better about finding the answer and it is usually too high. If you have any suggestions to make a better landing, don’t hesitate to comment below for future readers! also has some great resources for pilots!


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