Just Say No to the Lazy Laser Lights!

We have all seen the new Christmas laser light trend or as I like to call them, lazy lights. (Although they do not look as bad as my neighbors lights that have been left up ALL YEAR LONG, not kidding, but the lasers still look really bad!) Not only is it tough for these laser lights to look good, but they can also be very dangerous for pilots if you are not careful with how you set them up! Luckily I have never gotten hit by a laser while flying, but I know of a lot of pilots who have and they have all said that it is very scary. These lasers cause temporary blindness for pilots if pointed in the right direction and even cause the pilot to crash. According to CNBC, the popular Star Shower device “… carries a warning for users not to point the device directly at the sky and not to activate it within 10 nautical miles of an airport …” Either many people do not read the warnings or they just do not care, because I live within that 10 nautical mile radius from KCMI and there are a lot of people in my town that use these lights that are pointed at the sky. I have also noticed that the amount of people using them has dramatically increased. Although Star Shower is compliant with FAA regulations, it is up to the consumer to point these lasers directly at their home and not into the sky! Although it is illegal to shine a laser at an aircraft, it is unclear if these Christmas decorations count. If you do choose to use these lights this holiday season, please be careful with how you use them! You can find more information about my home airport, KCMI, at globalair.com!


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