Update on me and my training!


Things have been pretty crazy in my life lately. I have had to delay finishing my flight training due to having bronchitis and laryngitis. Apparently ATC does not like when you go fly and can’t talk on the radio. Then the heat in my new car up and died! (Of course in the middle of winter!) I will also have to retake my math class next semester. (Math and I have never been very good friends.) On a positive note, I will end up with a nice solid B in AVI 101 and hopefully also a B in my Psychology class! I am so amazed at how much I have learned this semester and how some things in each class relate to each other. Unfortunately some of my previous posts have been deleted or partially deleted by the website for some odd reason. Hopefully within the next week or mid January, I will finally get to go on my first solo! I passed my pre-solo written test and have been signed off to solo! Better watch out up there! Next semester, I am going to take a lighter load on classes and only take two classes. I will only be taking AVI 120 which is the second half to my private pilot and Intro to Communications. I will be retaking my math class in the Summer. Hopefully I will still get to fly over break! I have recently gotten the opportunity to fly in a high wing airplane for the first time which was not as bad as I thought it would be! It also helped that the plane we were in was very nice! I also received the luxury of being able to experience icy taxi ways and spotty runways. It is just like driving on the roads, just go nice and slow and be extra cautious! Check out globalair.com to find your own high winged airplane or if you are still looking for a Christmas present for me, then there is a last minute idea! Merry Christmas!


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