I had A Bad Flight. Now What?

I was saving my post for my potential first solo yesterday; obviously that did not happen or the title would have been “MY FIRST SOLO!!!!!!!!” On Friday, I had an awesome dual flight and it made me feel really good! After not having flown in a few weeks, I thought I would have been a little rustier than I was. It was like riding a bike and it seemed to come right back to me. My instructor had informed me after that flight, which had to be cut short due to unexpected Illinois weather, that if it weren’t for the weather, he would have soloed me! I was pretty nervous but after talking to some of the pilots at work, I began to feel a little more excited! Saturday was hopefully going to be the day, or so I thought. We got 49G out of the nice warm hangar, with some help from the nice Flightstar line guys, and set off for a dual flight to make sure I was ready for a solo that day. I hadn’t really had any bad flights up to this one and I do not like to feel like I am struggling with anything. I am not sure if it was the sun in my face the whole time, being tired from being up since 4:45am, ATC changing what they wanted me to do every 10 seconds, a busy pattern, the fairly good crosswind on either runway, or maybe I just wasn’t wearing the right shoes for that day. Regardless of the reasoning, I just felt like I had a terrible flight. My instructor said that I did everything right like I was supposed to and that I did really well, so why did I feel so bad about the flight? It could have been that I had to work a little harder than I was used to or that the airplane was performing better than I was used to due to the frigid temps which might have thrown me off. I think it is important for everyone to have a bad flight here and there to kind of give you a reality check so you know what you need to work on. It is important that just because you have a “bad flight” that you do not just give up after, it just means you need to work harder! It is also important that you MOVE ON after the flight and think positive about the future flights. It was kind of ironic that yesterday I also had a really nice conversation with Mr. Khan (the part owner of Flightstar, owner of the  Jacksonville Jags, and numerous other companies) and he told me he was rooting for me and that maybe one day I will get to fly his Global Express. He started from very little and is now a multi-billionaire so I mean if he can do it then I sure can too! My dad always tells me that I can do anything that I set my mind to and I am determined to fly to the best of my ability, kick butt, and take names. The weather is “supposed” to cooperate today and we plan on flying so who know, maybe today will be the day! Since it is cold out and you are probably hanging out indoors today, check out some of the other scholarship recipient’s blogs at globalair.com!


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