My First Solo!

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I did it! I finally flew my first solo! Before you ask, YES the airplane is still usable! 😉 I wanted to post about it sooner, but things have been pretty busy which is kind of a normal thing with me these days. I actually did it on last Sunday, the 8th. It was a fairly nice day with a little wind and some patchy snow still on the ground. Jud and I went up right after I got off work at 2 (luckily I work right next to where I fly) so we were going to be fighting daylight to get some flights in. The first few landings that day were not going too great so Jud had me switch runways and apparently that made all of the difference because things started going a lot more smooth. After that things were better than the previous landings, but not as great as we had wanted them to be and Jud kept telling me to watch my airspeed, watch my airspeed, and watch my airspeed. Well then I started actually listening to him and doing It and BAM! I was nailing those landings left and right! We then taxied over to Flightstar and ran in to take a short break and get a quick drink and were back off for about 3 more great landings. Jud then tells ATC that our next one would be a full stop and after I landed he told me he had the airplane and he taxied us over to the Parkland building. We quickly filled out paperwork and he sent me on my way. I was feeling pretty good about going to solo, but still very nervous. Little did I know, my dad and Jud had worked it out so that my dad and Tessa could come out to watch me solo without me knowing so there wouldn’t be any added stress on me. Chuck, another flight instructor at Parkland, also stuck around to watch! Jud had his truck out on the ramp and was making circles as I was going around the pattern so he could watch me, but the tower got worried and had the fire house come find out who that was and what was going on.  Jud has his own hangar out on the airfield and is ALWAYS out here so we were pretty shocked that the tower did not recognize his truck! I had previously talked to some of the other pilots about their first solos and I really think that helped me a lot! I was very lucky to be the only person that was in the pattern or that tower was even talking to the whole time! It was almost like the whole airport was ALL MINE! My first landing was pretty good but I bounced just a little bit but not enough to need a go around. The second landing was GORGEOUS and probably the best landing ever! I did not even realize that I was on the ground at first; that’s how smooth it was! The third landing was kind of icky and the ground was apparently a lot closer that I had anticipated and it was a little hard but overall not bad. I had a lot of emotions going through my head. At one point, I started to get a couple tears come out and I still do not know if I was happy, sad, excited or maybe it was just so many emotions overwhelmed me. A lot of people will say that on their solos, the airplane would perform really well because of all of the added weight. However, I did not notice the airplane performing any differently when Jud got out, I think it was already just performing so well since it was REALLY cold outside! Apparently when I got done and was taxing back, I was going really fast like a tumbleweed but I think I was just really excited and did not pay enough attention. I really thought that my dad and Jud were going to pee their pants from excitement when I got back and they jumped out of the truck! I only had one request if for some reason there was a freak accident and I did not make it back that everything I had was sold and all of my money went to my dogs and they be treated like the Kings they are! I am so thankful to have such a large support team in my life! It seemed like everyone was bragging on me, calling me, or messaging me to congratulate me! Now onto the next big life event, my 21st birthday! It is not too late to buy me a really cool airplane for my birthday from! P.S. It is on the 26th of January just in case you were wondering!


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