How to Improve your Skills while not in the Airplane

This time of year in Illinois, the weather is usually pretty crummy. Illinois weather can be kind of bi-polar; one day it could feel like the beginning of spring and 60+ degrees and sunny, then the next day it could be -10 degrees and snowing. Lately we have been battling rain, freezing rain, low visibility, low ceilings, dense fog, and high winds. The weather has also been changing very rapidly so you have to be certain that when you go up, the weather will not deteriorate.

So with all of this down time thanks to the crummy weather, I have been studying extra each day! There are a lot of great books, apps, and other tools to help with this! For books, I have been studying from the Airplane Flying Handbook by the FAA, the Pilot Handbook by Gleim, and the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. My favorite app is the AOPA GO Iphone app. It has a lot of great study materials and resources. The AOPA website has even more study resources including some interactive courses that you can do! I am lucky to go to a school that has some really nice FRASCA flight simulators! On days that are not nice enough to fly on, my instructor and I will go fly them so that I can still practice. The majority of your learning will be on the ground so it is very important that you take that seriously and do the best you can so that you can be the best pilot that you can be!

P.S. there is still some time to go to and get me an airplane for my birthday that is in 4 days!


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