The Best Spring Break Ever!

If money was not an issue, then for spring break I would spend it in New Zealand! I have never been down there, but I do have family that lives down there! From all of the pictures that I have seen, it looks gorgeous! I would get down there by chartering Flightstar’s Global Express 6000 and hopefully I would get an employee discount! We would probably make a stop in Hawaii where I would like to stay a couple days. While I am there, I would like to visit the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor at the Ford Harbor military base which can be accessed by a shuttle that leaves the Pearl Harbor Visitors center every 15 minutes between 8am and 5pm every day.

When I get to New Zealand, I will probably stay with family or maybe in a cave somewhere. I found a company that does sea plane training called Auckland Seaplanes although, I am not sure if the license will transfer. They also have packages that will take you on a flight then to dinner and back. While I am there, I would also like to adopt a Kiwi which is a flightless bird and I want to take it everywhere with me especially every time I go fly so that they feel like a real bird. For the Rest of my free time, I would like to relax, go to the beaches, visit the volcanos at both destinations, and go deep sea fishing. I think coming back home and going to school would be very hard after such an awesome trip like this! After I finish my seaplane rating, I will go to and purchase my very own seaplane that I can go fly around!


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