My Two Favorite Aircraft and my Favorite Pilot!

This list was very hard to narrow down because I like almost all aircraft. I just like to fly in general whether it be as a passenger or a pilot! In the picture above and in the slideshow below  is my favorite pilot, Carter. He loves getting to go see the airplanes and “flying” them! We might have a future pilot on our hands! Today is also Carter’s 3rd birthday so if you see him tell him Happy Birthday!

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Anyways, here are my two favorite aircraft:

#1 The Beechcraft King Air

Depending on the size of King Air you have, the passenger capacity could range from 8-11. The maximum fuel range is from 1,260-2,692nm! If you were in the King air 350ER that has a maximum range of 350ER, you could make it from LAX to JFK without having to stop for fuel as long as weather conditions were favorable. Regardless of which version you are in, your maximum speed will still be very fast ranging from 272-303 ktas! I like it because it is not too small, but not too big and you can still comfortably fit a good amount of people in it. To learn more about the king air, you can visit


#2 The Bombardier Global 7000

These Globals are just gorgeous and very comfortable (if you can afford them). With a maximum distance of 7,400 NM and a top speed of Mach .95, these jets can get you almost anywhere you want to go with only one fuel stop if needed and they will save you a lot of time. You can also take a lot more friends with you since the 7000 hold up to 17 passengers! I do not believe that they have been released yet because production was halted for a while, but hopefully we will see some flying around soon! I did find the price for a 2011 Global 6000 at and you might want to count every penny if you decide to get one because this one was listed for $41,500,000! I think it will be a while till I can save up that kind of money! Maybe I should start a page on and see how far I get? (probably not very far…) For more information about the Global 7000, you can visit Although the Global 8000 can go farther, the Global 7000 can hold more people. I wouldn’t mind a fuel stop if it meant that I could bring more people with me.



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