My First Ride in the King Air to MTO


On Wednesday, the 19th, I went on my first trip in the King Air 90 to MTO (Mattoon, IL) for lunch! It was too windy that day for me to fly in the Archer and I had no other plans for that day so I thought why not! Since we were not going very far, we only went up to about 5,500 feet MSL. I liked how I had the whole back of the airplane to myself so I could get up and change seats whenever I wanted. I was very surprised that it was not extremely noisy back there! I had assumed that with those big turbo-props right outside the window it would be super loud, but it must have some good insulation. The ride was fairly smooth except it was just a tad bumpy when we left CMI and right before we landed at MTO.

The restaurant at MTO had kind of old timey feel but it was very clean. They have a lot of model planes hanging from the ceiling and in the lobby they even have old airport chairs! They are famous for their elephant ear tenderloins, but I was really craving a cheeseburger so I got a bacon cheeseburger with crinkle fries. My food was amazing and the only complaint that I have is that they did not have sweet tea! I mean I thought we were past the whole equal rights stuff?! It just seems criminal to me to offer unsweetened tea, but not sweet tea. Anyways, the staff was very nice and they even have pie if you are still hungry for desert after! I was told that it was delicious, but unfortunately I did not save any room for some pie. On the way back, it was a lot smoother, but it was all I could do to stay awake with a full belly and the nice smooth quiet ride back home! If you would like to learn more about CMI or MTO, you can visit!

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