Flying on a Private Jet vs. Commercially 

Obviously we all want to charter our own private jet and never have to fly with the commoners, but many people do not actually know the real advantages of both.
Private Jet Charter Advantages

• No long lines

• You do not have to go through security

• The plane is usually waiting for you and ready to go when you arrive

• You control who rides with you

• Transportation can be arranged to pick you up right off of the plane

• Luggage is almost never lost because it is always with you

• You have access to more airports

• Your flight can be direct with maybe only a stop or two for fuel

• You can have the whole plane to yourself!

• Usually more comfortable and roomier

• You can nap the whole trip without being bothered

Advantages of the Airlines

• You get to meet new people

• It is generally A LOT cheaper

• The planes are usually larger

• You can travel with a large group

• You build your immune system by being exposed to all of the germs

• You can show off your fresh pedicure at security

• Your baggage gets a free X-ray

• If you are lucky like me, you get a free pat down and hand swab EVERY TIME you go through security

• You usually get served drinks by a flight attendant whereas most private jets do not have one unless you request one or it is a larger plane

• You might see someone famous in first class

• You can find free gum under your seat!

Although it was pretty tough to decide, I think I will be visiting to find a new Jet and that I will be flying around with! You should too!


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