Why you should attend Parkland College Institute of Aviation!

First of all, if you went to Parkland College then you would get to see me! What could be better than that?! Okay so maybe you need a little more convincing? Well here are some reasons why I think you need to choose PCIA!

  1. You get to see me!
  2. We have orange airplanes! What is cooler than that?!
  3. We have 4 types of airplanes: archers, arrows, seminoles, and Cessna 152s!
  4. We now have a partnership with Lewis University near Chicago! Once you finish your associates, you will be able to head on up there to finish your bachelors!
  5. They are also working on partnerships with other colleges!
  6. We are right next to the University of Illinois! Party time?
  7. The awesome mechanics at Flightstar will make sure that your aircraft is in tip top shape!
  8. The Flightstar line guys will pull your aircraft out for you, fuel it, AND wipe off your windows!
  9. When not flying or in ground school, you can head on over next door to Flightstar and get some coffee, tea, or popcorn! For FREE! What college student doesn’t like free?!
  10. We are part 141, so you can get your rATP sooner!
  11. We also have multiple Frasca flight simulators!
  12. You can take classes while you are still in high school!
  13. We have some of the best instructors!
  14. If you are unsure if you want to take flight classes, Parkland offers fun flights that are 30 min long and introductory flights that are an hour long! If you are already a pilot and would like some refresher training, our flight instructors are eager to help you with whatever you need!
  15.  You can finish all of your flight course in just 2 years! This way you will be able to enter the work force much sooner than others!

If this doesn’t make you want to come apply right now, then check out globalair.com’s flight school directory to find a flight school that will fit your needs!



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